EJP RD JTC 2022 Webinar

Following the successful implementation of three Joint Transnational Calls since 2019, EJP RD is glad to announce the upcoming launch on December 14th of the fourth EJP RD Joint Transnational Call (JTC) 2022, aimed at funding multilateral research projects on rare diseases under the EJP-COFUND action.

The aim of the call is to enable scientists in different countries to build an effective collaboration on a common interdisciplinary research project, with the call topic being “Development of new analytic tools and pathways to accelerate diagnosis and facilitate diagnostic monitoring of rare diseases.”

The EJP RD Joint Transnational Call 2022 Information Webinar will provide you general information on the call (scientific goals, administrative aspects) and will answer your question on this call.

The webinar will take place online on December 16th 2021, from 14.00 – 15.30 CET.

More information about JTC 2022: https://www.ejprarediseases.org/joint-transnational-call-2022/

Registration (mandatory) for the information webinar: https://forms.office.com/r/P7cYnbLLYG