Funded projects

"We cannot hope for a better future if we do not understand that  we first have to develop a knowledge-based society" - Preface to the document 'MEDICINA PERSONALIZZATA - Potenziali di sviluppo della Medicina di Precisione in Regione Lombardia'.

The mission of FRRB is to support and to promote biomedical research at regional, national and international level, through the funding of original and innovative research projects, which have the potential to improve the wellbeing of citizens and to implement new findings and approaches in the regional healthcare system.

FRRB focusses its activities on the development and implementation of a Precision Medicine approach, which aims to provide the "right treatment to the right person at the right time", in order to guarantee the best approach to every person who needs, or will need, medical treatment in the future. Precision Medicine is everyone's medicine, from the doctor to the patient and to the patient's family.

Starting from 2015, FRRB funds biomedical research projects in Lombardy through the launch of regional calls and the participation, as funding agency, in European calls.

To date, FRRB has funded, through the launch of competitive calls, 86 projects, all being realized by institutions localized in Lombardy. In this section of the FRRB website we have listed our launched calls and the funded projects.

As shown in the graph below, FRRB funding covers many research areas, including research on Advanced Therapies, in which Lombardy and Italy have demonstrated to be excellent.