ERA PerMed



ERA PerMed is an ERA-Net project of the European Commission entirely dedicated to Personalized Medicine (MP), supported by 32 different partners from 23 countries and co-financed by the European Union.

ERA PerMed will coordinate R&I the efforts of the participating partners (funding agencies from EU, associate countries to H2020 and third countries).

The main objective is planning, implementing, monitoring up to four joint transnational calls (JTCs) to fund multidisciplinary transnational research projects covering each at least three slots of the value chain regarding Personalised Medicine.

The purpose of the Call for Proposals is to select international projects that support  the integration of Personalized Medicine into clinical practice, creating stronger connections between research, industry and academia.

The projects are evaluated by an international Commission of experts that selects the best proposals, according to scientific and quality of implementation  criteria. 

More information on open calls is available on the page dedicated to European funding of FRRB: and at the link of the project


Description Period
Project start date 01/12/2017
Project end date 30/11/2022
FRRB Amount Euro 1.379.812,50