ERA PerMed – JTC 2018

Joint Trasnational Call (JTC) 2018


ERA PerMed is a new ERA-Net of the European Commission entirely dedicated to Personalized Medicine (MP), supported by 32 different partners from 23 countries and co-financed by the European Community.

This Call will have a total budget of 27 million euros (the largest ever launched in the ERA-NET context). It will be the first of a total of four, all dedicated to Personalized Medicine, which are intended to promote cooperation and the coordination of research activities in this area, as well as supporting synergies between EU Member States, and between States and the Union itself, and collaboration with non-member States.

The purpose of this Call is to select projects that have a high potential to improve the Personalized Medicine approaches applied to complex pathologies and to improve cooperation between the world of research and that of bio-informatics analysis, putting the academy in communication with companies, and encouraging interdisciplinary projects.

FRRB, partner of the ERA-Net project, supports this Call with an investment of 4 million euros for organizations in Lombardy (ASST, public and private IRCCS, research organizations, Universities) belonging to international partnerships participating in the Call.

An international Commission of experts will evaluate the projects and select the best proposals from a scientific point of view, showing concrete potential to expand the approaches to Personalized Medicine.


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Description Period
Opening of the call JTC 2018 14/02/2018
Closing of the deadlines for the presentation of the Pre-proposals 10/04/2018
Closing of the terms for the presentation of Full-proposals 26/07/2018
Communication of evaluation results October 2018
FRRB financial allocation Euro 4.000.000,00