R4PM:Innovation Flow in the Healthcare

The main hurdles and challenges of innovation in healthcare should be addressed from a regional perspective using high-level coordination through international and/or national policies.

A strong network of different national and regional authorities as well as academia, industry, and society, as setting up the Quadruple Helix model will be necessary to overcome all barriers. As innovation is intrinsically connected with personalised medicine, the promotion of innovation into healthcare will directly lead to an improvement of the patient-centered approach.

Many countries and regions have been implementing different innovation tools in their own healthcare systems such as Innovative Procurement and monitoring programmes for the purpose of fostering the routine use of these technologies within hospitals.

Moreover, following the aim of boosting the innovation flow based on personalised medicine, other actions in their infrastructures have been carried out by various healthcare organisations such as adapting their facilities for testing new products and prototypes. Collaboration among hospitals and industry in research and innovation activities enables large improvements in healthcare systems.

Relevant outcomes have been achieved, promoting the application of personalised medicine technologies in Europe. These contributions will trigger new policies and investments at regional, national, interregional, and European levels.

The meeting will take place the 13th and the 14th of July, online.  

For all information and to register: www.regions4permed.eu/eventi/innovation-flow-in-the-healthcare-conference/