AMPROject Project

FRRB Project 3414083 - AntiMicrobial Peptides-enriched silk fibroin scaffolds: a new strategy to boost the efficacy of conventional antibiotics in antimicrobial Resistance Orthopedic infections

The Coordinator of the project is Ospedale Galeazzi - Sant'Ambrogio IRCCS. The Lead Principal Investigator of the project is Dr. Arianna Barbara Cristina Lovati.

 Pathology:  Orthopedic infections
 Tematic Area :  Antimicrobial Resistance
 Project Start Date:  February 1, 2023
 Project End Date:  January 31, 2026
 Funding:  € 1.244.200,00 
 Project Partners:  - Ospedale Galeazzi - Sant'Ambrogio IRCCS
 - Università degli Studi dell’Insubria
 - Università degli Studi di Pavia
 - Fondazione Istituto Insubrico di Ricerca per la Vita


Open fractures are at high risk of bacterial infections. In orthopedics, bacterial bone infections and septic nonunions are the most severe sequel, mainly due to antibiotic inefficacy and increase of antibiotic resistance. The main goal of AMPROject is the establishment of novel composites supporting bony bridging and delivering antimicrobial molecules to treat infected fractures. With this aim, silk fibroin-based materials will be loaded with antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) combined or not with conventional antibiotics. Known and novel engineered AMPs will be produced to enhance the efficacy of conventional antibiotics. AMPROject will then explore the composite specificity for targeted antimicrobial activity against multidrug-resistant bacterial strains. AMPROjcet will focus on the development of therapeutic composites and on their effectiveness on experimentally induced bone infections. The innovative composites will support bone healing while delivering combined AMPs and conventional antibiotics, drastically lowering the occurrence of antibiotic resistance. This approach holds the promise to translate the developed advanced products in clinics in the medium term.



On February 10, 2023 Ospedale Galeazzi - Sant'Ambrogio IRCCS, the project coordinator, has communicated the official start of the project (link)