EJP - JTC 2019

EJP - Joint Trasnational Call (JTC) 2019



FRRB is pleased to announce the release of the first European Joint Program on Rare Diseases Joint Transitional Call (JTC 2019), dedicated to transnational research projects aimed at studying early diagnosis, pathology mechanisms and the treatment of rare diseases.

Research proposals, submitted by an international partnership, must cover at least one of the following areas:


A) Research for an early diagnosis

  • New procedures for the diagnosis of pathologies that cannot be diagnosed with current methods of investigation;
  • Better interpretation of pathology variants and development of diagnostic tests for the prevailing variants;
  • New modalities of functional analysis through in vitro, cell, tissue or animal studies;
  • Integrated omic or multi-omic approach for the investigation of disease mechanisms, including the development of relevant bioinformatics tools.


B) Research to explore the progression of the disease and the mechanisms that determine it:

  • Population studies and analysis of patient records (also preparatory to the development of clinical projects);
  • Identification of clinical biomarkers;
  • Identification of new patho-physiological pathways in appropriate disease models that effectively mimic the human condition.


With regard to the definition and themes of the Call, the original text of the call is available on the official page of the project.

For this Call, FRRB will act as a funding agency, thus allowing the bodies of the Regional Health Service, in possible partnership with universities and research centers, to submit a project proposal and to obtain funding for their activities from FRRB itself.

FRRB has allocated an overall budget of Euro 1,300,000.00.

More information on the official page of the project: www.ejprarediseases.org

From the official page of the JTC 2019 call it is possible to download the documents: http://www.ejprarediseases.org/index.php/documents/



FRRB performs a pre-eligibility check on entities applying for funds under the JTC 2019.

The documents for pre-eligibility can be downloaded from the official page of the project and on this page, in the section "documents to download" .

FRRB also makes available a model for the preparation of the budget (“Budget tool”). Plese note that the budget tool is designed as a support tool for internal use by applicants, and is not a call document.


Winning Projects

The winning partnerships will have to draw up a Consortium Agreement (CA), for which the European model is suggested, available at the page: http://www.desca-2020.eu/

Description Period
Opening of the JTC 2019 15 December 2018
Pre-proposals deadline 2 February 2019
Full-proposals deadline 11 June 2019
Final funding decision November 2019
FRRB Financial allocation FRRB 1.300.000 €