Gender Equality Plan


FRRB, strongly committed to promote gender equality in research and in research organizations, is pleased to announce the approval of its new Gender Equality Plan, GEP.

In addition to a new structure, that better highlights the objectives of the GEP, the new plan takes into account the guidelines of Horizon Europe, the new EU funding programme, which includes gender equality among the priorities to be pursued in the field of scientific excellence and considers the adoption of a GEP as a necessary condition for funding. 

In particular,  the GEP focuses on some specific thematic areas, including work-life balance and organisational culture; gender balance in leadership and decision-making; gender equality in recruitment and career progression; integration of the gender dimension into research and teaching content; measures against gender-based violence including sexual harassment.

The new GEP has been developed thanks to the support of the EU project "TAking a Reflexive approach to Gender Equality for institutional Transformation - TARGET", (GA 741672), in which FRRB participates as a Partner. 

The new GEP is available here: GEP July 2021