JPIAMR - 13th Joint Call

FRRB is pleased to announce the launch of the first JPIAMR Joint transnational call for proposals (JTC) 2020 - 2021 “One Health interventions to prevent or reduce the development and transmission of antimicrobial resistance (AMR)”.

JPIAMR (Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance) is a global collaborative platform, engaging 28 nations to curb antibiotic resistance (AMR) with a One Health approach. To date JPIAMR has supported 61 projects and over 340 research groups, 31 networks, with funding of approximately 85 million Euro.

The initiative coordinates national funding to support transnational research and activities within the six priority areas of the shared JPIAMR Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda – therapeutics, diagnostics, surveillance, transmission, environment and interventions.

The JTC2020-2021 is open to research projects presented by international consortia composed by interdisciplinary teams of researchers 

Proposals should focus on at least two One Health settings (human, animal, environment) and should aim to either:  

• Understand the impact of interventions on the development and transmission of antibiotic resistance in, and/or between, at least two One Health settings.


• Design, implement, evaluate, and/or compare innovative interventions to control the development and transmission of antibiotic resistance in, and/or or between, at least two One Health settings. 

Due to its mission, FRRB will fund ONLY research activities focused on the human One health setting

FRRB, partner of the JPIAMR, has allocated a budget of 1.000.000,00 Euro to this call. 

Eligibility criteria are available on the Call documents:  

More information on the official project page: 



According to internal procedures, Regional Foundation for Biomedical Research (FRRB) will grant an eligibility clearance to the potential applicants prior to the submission of the pre-proposals.

Pre-eligibility documents can be downloaded from the official project page and on this page, in the "Download documents" section.

FRRB provides an excel sheet to help applicants abide by FRRB funding rules.  This form is meant to support the PIs in the elaboration of the budget, but it does not need to be sent to FRRB.


Description Period
Opening of the JTC 2021 14 January 2021
Pre-proposals deadline 16 March 2021
Full-proposals deadline 12 July 2021
Final funding decision (November 2021)
FRRB Financial allocation FRRB 1.000.000 €

Documents to download