Single-cell immunophenotypic and transcriptomic profiling for minimally-invasive detection of early multiple myeloma

In this project FRRB finances partner number 2:  ASST Spedali Civili di Brescia. The Principal Investigator responsible of the project is Dr. Aldo Roccaro.

Pathology of interest:

Multiple myeloma

Area of research:


Start date:

October 2018

End date:

March 2021


€ 432.259,00

Project partners:

Fundaciòn para la Investigaciòn Medica Applicada, Spain -  leading partner

ASST Spedali Civili Brescia, Italy

Universitàtsklinikum Heidelberg and HUMC, Germany

IUC Oncopole, France


Although we made great strides in the management of multiple myeloma (MM), our best chances to eradicate this malignancy may lie in preventing its progression in the first place.

Thus, we aim to treat disease causation instead of symptomatology by integrating next-generation immunophenotypic and molecular profiling, and develop new methods based on minimally-invasive characterization of circulating tumor and immune cells to identify patients with smoldering MM (SMM) at risk of developing active disease.

Data will be integrated with current stratification models based on imaging, serological and invasive bone marrow assessments. Altogether, the simultaneous availability of effective, well-tolerated (immuno)therapies together with next-generation phenotypic and sequencing technologies, creates momentum for new, minimally-invasive methods to detect SMM patients at risk of transformation, offer precision medicine to prevent disease progression, and increase curability rates. iMMunocell is tasked to deliver such methods.


More information about the transnational project and the TRANSCAN-2 programme can be found at the following link: