Microbiota-based screening of anal cancer in HIV-infected individuals

In this project FRRB finances partner number 2:  ASST Santi Paolo e Carlo, Milano. The Principal Investigator responsible of the project is Dr. Camilla Tincati.

Pathology of interest:

Anal cancer in HIV-infected individuals

Area of research:


Start date:

May 2018

End date:

January 2021


€ 89.652,00



Project partners:

Ramon y Cajal research institute, Spain – leading partner

ASST Santi Paolo e Carlo, Italy

University of Hohenheim, Germany

Oslo University Hospital, Norway

Agencia estatal consejo superior de investigaciones cientificas, Spain


The SCRAtCH study is aimed at discovering new biomarkers of anal precancer for the prevention of anal cancer in vulnerable populations. To achieve this objective, we will investigate in 400 individuals undergoing screening procedures for anal cancer the role of bacterial biomarkers derived from anal cytologies as predictors of anal precancer.

We will investigate the predictive value of the anal bacteria, their proteins and metabolites.

The SCRAtCH study would allow to improve the diagnosis of anal precancer, to reduce the harms and costs associated with the screening of anal cancer, and to gain insight into the potential mechanisms driven by microbiota fueling anal cancer.

More information about the transnational project and the TRANSCAN-2 programme can be found at the following link: