Personalised Prognostics and Diagnostics for Improved Decision Support in Cardiovascular Diseases

In this project FRRB finances partner number 1: Politecnico di Milano. The Principal Investigator is Prof. Luca Mainardi.

FRRB also finances partner number 2: IRCCS Centro Cardiologico Monzino. The Principal Investigator is Prof. Claudio Tondo.


Pathology of interest: Cardiovascular Diseases
Area of research:  Cardiology
Start date:  1st February 20221
End date:  31st January 2025
Funding:  € 406.600,00
Project partners: 

  - Tampere University (TAMPEREEN KORKEAKOULUSAATIO SR) (Finland)  

  - Politecnico di Milano (POLIMI) (Italy)

  - Centro Cardiologico Monzino (CCM) (Italy)

  - Protestant University of Applied Sciences Ludwigsburg (PUL) (Germany)



PerCard explores the value of combining integrated heterogeneous data sources with AI/ML to increase the validity of risk assessment for cardiovascular disease in different populations. The consortium develops specialised models for populations as well as explicitly mitigates the issue of gender-bias in existing risk assessment methods.  

Emphasis is put on methods that are easily transferable from research to practice and accessible and affordable for the wide population. PerCard develops and uses new data analysis methods (AI, ML, signal processing, including ensemble classifiers and Bayesian neural networks) to develop more powerful risk assessment methods that are accurate, robust, and explainable.

The project provides advancements especially in the field of explainable AI and AI for time-series analysis. PerCard delivers an integrated decision support system for understandable personalised risk/prognosis assessment of morbidity and mortality in cardiovascular settings and tests this robustly in retrospective and prospective settings. End-users are involved throughout the entire research, development and validation process.